Artes National Orchestra

Artes National Orchestra is an original organization in Italian musical culture. Estabilished in Prato in 2008, today Artes National Orchestra works in the entire Italian area and its musical season is principally divided between Prato and Padua. Itsrepertoire goes from Baroque to Contemporary music, both lyric and symphonic. Among the artists that cooperated with Artes are the singers Valentina Varriale, Nicola Marchesini, Filippo Mineccia, Don Gu Kim; the viola player Augusto Vismara; the violin players Alberto Bologni, Luca Giardini, Paolo Cantamessa and Valerio Losito; the flute players Mario Ancillotti and Luciano Tristaino; the composer Andrea Portera. Artes National Orchestra published two CDs for Tactus record label, both dedicated to Italian music of XX Century: one with the Suite for piano and string orchestra by Mario Pilati and the other with VI Simphony by Gian Francesco Malipero. Its performances have been broadcasted by radio and tv, among them Radio Tre (the leading Italian classical music radio) and Sky TV. In 2014 Artes National Orchestra has been chosed to perform a concert to celebrate the inclusion of Medicis’s Villas and Gardens in U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage.

Artes National Orchestra’s Musical Director is M° Andrea Vitello and its Principal Guest Conductor is M° Nicola Simoni. Both studied with M° Donato Renzetti and are active worldwide as conductors (Italy, France, Eastern Europe, United States, South America, China, South Corea).